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Whistleblowing in Local Government

Marit Skivenes and Sissel C. Trygstad have publishet the article Whistleblowing in Local Government: An Empirical Study of Contact Patterns and Whistleblowing in 20 Norwegian Municipalities in the Journal Scandinavian Political Studies.

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Skivenes and Trygstad have written an article about whistleblowing in local government, and how whistleblowing can provide politicians with critical information about misconduct and policy failures. The article investigates if (1) whistleblowing is accepted among employees of the administration, and among politicians, (2) if politicians receive cases regarding whistleblowing, and (3) if the degree of contact between politicians and employees of the administration have any implications for the handling of cases of whistleblowing. Based on a survey analysis of 773 administrative employees and politicians, Skivenes and Trygstad investigates if there is any correlation between the degree of contact between politicians and administrative employees and behavior, with regards to the handling of cases of whistleblowing. The findings show that degree of contact between administrative employees is positively correlated with positive perceptions of whistleblowing and constructive handling of wrongdoing reports by the politicians.