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New Publication : Transforming the "Third Mission" in Norwegian Highed Education Institutions : A boundry object theory approach.

Postdoctor Hogne L. Sataøen has published an article in Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research.

Figur fra artikkelen som viser de ulike konseptene brukt i strategisk planlegging.

Hogne Sataøen has published an article the level 2- journal Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research based on his postdoctoral project. Higher education institutions (HEIs) in Norway have been subjected to several reforms in recent decades. There are transformed relationships between institutions and their environment, and higher educations’ third mission is emphasized. To improve our understanding of HEIs’ third mission, this paper employs boundary object theory, enabling us to see how shifting projects are shaped and negotiated within these institutions. The paper concludes with a discussion of five main projects that are evident in third-mission presentations: the entrepreneurial project, the local and regional involvement project, the mode 2 project, the popular-science project, and the reputation project.

The article can be read here