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CORDIS interview Lise H. Rykkja about the TROPICO-project
Kristin Rubecksen, Lise H. Rykkja and Per Lægreid are co-author on new article in Governance.
Per Lægreid and Tom Christensen with new article that analyse the Norwegian governments handeling of the Corona pandemic
Ishtiaq Jamil and Hasan Muhammad Baniamin asks if this a mismatch or a realistic assumption in new publication.
PhD student Akram Hossain co-authors a journal article on public administration education in Bangladesh and highlights MPPG Program which is designed based on the MPA program at the University of Bergen.
Translation and layering key findings when Kvilhaugsvik examines two engineering programmes in Norwegian higher education
Balancing governance capacity and legitimacy a key component in new article by Christensen and Lægreid.
Akram Hossain co-authors article that sets focus on migration specific methodologies and highlights contemporary debates on qual vs quant methods in social science.
New blog post from the TROPICO project written by Line Marie Sørsdal and Karolina Półtorak.
“Organization Theory and the Public Sector Instrument, Culture and Myth” out in new and updated version.
Per Lægreid looks at how repeated structural reform leads to more attention to political signals.
Professor Ishtiaq Jamil with new book on gender mainstreaming in South Asia
Christensen and Lægreid studies the conflict that followed the reorganization of Statistics Norway
Lægreid with chapter on public administration research in Norway.
PhD Candidate Akram Hossain coauthor chapter on democratic participation in Bangladesh in new book.
Christensen and Lægreid with new publication on Coordination Quality
James Hathaway sheds new light on change within public accountability organizations in Zambia
Per Lægreid with book chapter in new book about smart hybrid arrangements.