Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion

Autumn 2015: Course on Religion and Tourism

A course this autumn focuses on the interplay between religion and tourism

Introduction to Religion and Tourism

Knut Aukland introduces Religion and Tourism (RELV231/331). The course will be taught in autumn 2015.
Magnus Halsnes

Main content

Course coordinator Knut Aukland introduces RELV231/331: Tourism and Religion, a course in the Study of Religions at Department of Archaeology, History, Cultural Studies and Religion (AHKR).

The course gives an overview to the various ways in which religion and tourism relates to one another. One the one hand, tourism works as a medium where religion is promoted through travel advertisement, guide books and themed tours. Religious architecture, communities and rituals all function as tourist attractions. A key question in the course is trying to understand what takes place when aspects of religion become targets for tourists and tourist agencies. 

Another aspect relates to those that travel for religious purposes. While ‘spiritual tourism’ is sometimes used to describe young, western backpackers that travel in search for a deeper meaning, the course will also look at how pilgrimage traditions in Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Christianity is shaped by tourism.

The course starts in August 2015 and will be given in English. The course is 15 ECTS.