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Alumni of the month: Toril Berle Schalck

From late nights in good company and long afternoons in the canteen at Sydneshaugen to being Head of Communications for the UCI Road World Championship 2017. Toril Berle Schalck has learned a lot and uses her knowledge to handle a hectic everyday life.

Portrett av Toril B Schalck
Dare to take responsibility – it is not dangerous!
Toril Berle Schalck

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Why did you choose to study Nordic languages and literature?

The choice was a bit coincidental, really. I chose out of interest and did not really know how I was going to use it. I have always been interested in language and literature, so when I started I liked it so well that I stayed.

What part of your education has been the most useful as a professional?

Knowledge of languages and understanding contents is something I work with every day. Clear and precise language is fundamental to reach out with a message. Even though parts of my studies are not directly relevant for my work today, I am left with the ability to adopt new knowledge. The Master’s Program made me well prepared for working independently with projects from the beginning to the end.

Do you have any memorable moments from your student days at UiB?

Yes, several! Innumerable lunches in the canteen at Sydneshaugen that lasted so long that they would shift into dinner. Late nights with good friends at Café Opera (bar), Garage (nightclub) and Hulen (a student-driven rock-club). My panicky studying for exams in May that would be accompanied by buekorps (boy’s drill corps) rehearsing outside.

As Head of Communications for the UCI Road World Championships, what is your most exciting task?

In itself, it is quite exciting to be assigned the responsibility for the communications work in one of the world’s biggest sports events. I have worked with events for several years, but never something where so many have something to say. In the municipality, I was used to having a great communication department behind me. Here, however, I am more of a loner at my job- to maneuver between everyone’s opinions about and interests in what we do is an art of equilibrium, which is both challenging and exciting.

What is the next step?

Now, when everything has been about the UCI, it is hard to imagine a life after this. I am going back to my job as communications advisor in the Municipality of Bergen. I am looking forward to returning to my colleagues there, but first I have to take some time off and spend time with my family. They have not seen me in a while.

Finally, any advice for today’s students?

Get cracking where you are – get the most out of the situation you are in. be hungry for challenges! Use the opportunities that open up. Dare to take responsibility – it is not dangerous! 

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