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Alumni of the month: Petter Snare

He is described as a versatile and passionate art lover. With a solid academic background from UiB and Norwegian School of Economics (NHH), the artistic lawyer is KODE’s new managing director.

Månedens alum Petter Snare, direktør i KODE
Study something you actually find interesting – and spend a year abroad, says the new director of KODE.
Gabriela Saez

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Do you have any memorable moments from your student days at UiB?

I enjoyed being part of the student politics – when you meet others from different universities and colleges, but also academics and politicians. This makes your relationship wuth your university and student life completely different.

What persuaded you to choose law?

It was a number of things, among others a fascination for Olav Hestnes, Alf Nordhus and Arnie Becker from L.A. Law. However, more interesting is the question whether I could have done it again, and the answer to that is yes. Law is a discipline that reaches far. You learn to approach a case from different angles and it provides you with a set of tools to get closer to the problem – and the solution. Social responsibility is a big part of law, more than you might think when you study Knoph’s synopsis of Norwegian Law for the first time.

How did you become the director of KODE Art Museums and Composer Homes in Bergen?

I have always had an interest in art. By just listening to the skillful professors during my art history course was almost enough to provide me with a lifelong appreciation for it. Therefore, with an undocumented background from art history and a certified law degree, I have been active in several art institutions. All of this, combined with my management experience, probably made me look interesting for KODE. It is an amazing opportunity to be director for one of Norway’s nicest museums.

What part of your education has been the most useful as a professional?

As a chief municipal treasurer; financial claim, enforcement and liquidation was very useful. Beyond that, viewing a case from multiple angles and recognizing that you can approach a problem in different ways. Creativity is an important part of law.

What are you ambitions as director?

I am hoping to develop a collaboration with the other institutions in Bergen – both the artistic ones and other fields like the University of Bergen. Art does not live in a vacuum; it is an important part of society. If we can help to see art through other disciplines – in order to gain both new knowledge and communication, I would think that would be a fine goal.

Any advice to alumni looking to build a career?

Think broadly – you know more than you think. Your knowledge is useful within other fields. Do not fear change – you will usually land on your feet. Finally, money is not everything; there are many interesting jobs, especially in the public sector that gives meaningful and exciting challenges.

What are your plans for 2017?

Right now, I need to find a place to live in Bergen, get to know KODE, pay attention to the cultural life in Bergen and wax my oilskin jacket!

Any good advice for today’s students?

  • Do something next to your studies – get involved in student politics!
  • Study something you actually find interesting – and spend a year abroad.
  • Get to know students from other disciplines – you might learn something new.  


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