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Can you imagine telling current students what you have used your UiB education for?

Bilde av en som går oppover en trapp og en hjelpende hand som retter ut trappen

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We want to get in touch with those who would consider sharing their experiences with students and recent alumni.

As a UiB alumni, you are a source of useful experience and may be able to answer career related questions from UiB-students: What would it be wise to study? What can I use my education for? How do I make myself stand out at a job interview? What things are important to take into consideration?

As an alumni mentor, you can give a short talk during a mentor lunch and/or be listed on our website as an alumni mentor who students can contact.

Become an alumni mentor on our website

Imagine that a recent alumnus has a job interview with a company. If you as an alumni mentor already work in a similar company and have several years of experience, a telephone call or email exchange with you the day before the big interview will be very helpful.

Or maybe you have the dream job that a student aspires to? Your tips can be extremely valuable for someone wanting to follow in your footsteps.

Share your career tips during a mentor lunch

Three times per semester, we arrange a mentor lunch where an alumnus talks about their choice of career and gives useful tips and advice for students and recent alumni.

Can you imagine being an alumni mentor on our website and/or giving a short talk at a mentor lunch? Contact us at alumni@uib.no