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Entrepreneurship 101 - Creating your own workspace

UiB Alumni + UiB Innovasjonshub presents

Entrepreneurship 101 - Creating your own workspace
University of Bergen

Have you ever thought about starting your own Company?

Do you have a great idea you would like to bring to the market?

During this event you'll be immersed in the ideal environment for startup magic to happen. You will hear some great advice from CEOs, Investors and Founders from the Bergen's tech-scene in addition to learning about the possibilities of getting your start-up financed, After the event grab a beer and have a chat 1-to-1 with the panelists and hear it from the horse's mouth.


Panel debate led by Eli Kari Gjengedal


  • Helge Høibraaten - CEO & Founder Vimond AS
  • Kent Zehetner - Partner at Pivot Invest, Chair Of The Board Of Directors at EcoOnline, Infobric and IWMAC
  • John Arthur Berg - Founder of itslearning AS

Show-case from UiB Innovasjonshub

Anders Haugland - VIS