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Kula Kula

Winner in Kula Kula's photo competition published

The editors of Kula Kula announced the winner of the ever popular photo competition at the release of the new Kula Kula magazine at Kvarteret on Thursday.

A guy looks at his cell phone before a concert in Havana.
The winner of Kula Kulas photo competition is from Havana, Cuba. (The photo has been cropped for web publishing purposes)
Ingvild Aagre


This semester, Kula Kula offers the regular columns where we meet students of anthropology doing fieldwork, and other anthropologists working around the world.

The magazine has kept its focus on the local – with a reportage about visual anthropology, and an interview with the new head of department - Anne Karen Bjelland.

In the portrait we meet Steven Feld and a look into his musical and anthropological career.

There are also interesting external contributions in this edition; ranging in theme and location from Kongo, youth and politics in Bolivia. There's even an excerpt from a new book about ideals and images of beauty in India, written by a former student of anthropology here at Bergen - Nina Bergheim Dahl!


The photo competition has been very popular this semester – it’s open for everyone to participate, and the winner is published on the front page of the magazine. This semester, Ingvild Aagre’s image from Havana, Cuba, was chosen as the best of the pack.

This is what the photographer herself has to say about the image:

«The haircut of the guy in the image is a copy of the artist’s haircut, about to perform on stage. Hair does not only give an indication of musical preferences, but also how one is situated in the social landscape of the capital. The way the young men in the image dress and look shows off their relative economical wealth, and their cultural and social capital» (Ingvild Aagre:fotograf)