The Arboretum and Botanical Garden, Milde

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden was established at Milde in 1996. The garden contains mainly herbaceous plants, and the collections are arranged in different sections such as the Useful Plants Garden, the Japanese Garden and the Alpine Garden.

The University of Bergen has built the Botanical Garden within an area that belongs to the Arboretum. The land is located to the west of Mildevegen / Skipanesvegen and is approximately 7 hectares.

In the Sunny Meadow, just inside the southern entrance, there is a lare exibition of summer annuals. There is also a large peony exibition, a collection of cultivar of genera in the Honeysuckle familiy, the Olive family, and a collection of narcissus flowers. 

The Alpine Garden contains alpine plants from different parts of the world, and the collections are arranged in a geographical order.

In 2007 a farmyard tree was planted at the main entrance, a future starting point for the theme gardens that will come here. The Useful Plants Garden in the area above the Alpine Garden is an exciting area with both old and new useful and cultivated plants.

The Japanese Garden is a new attraction in the Botanical Garden, built during the period 2005 - 2008.

For the time being, the main part of the work has been carried out in the southern part facing Lake Mildevatn. In the northern part, a number of trees and bushes have been planted, and on the inside of the main entrance there is a collection of tulip cultivars.