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Engaged European Citizenship

The University of Bergen leads the Action Line called Engaged European Citizens, a challenge-based approach to educating critically engaged European citizens in times of global uncertainty.

Arqus Alliance
University of Bergen

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This Action Line has the following objectives:

  • Developing and disseminating novel models of active European citizenship whereby students engage with contemporary global thematic challenges and work together across national borders to address them
  • Developing and piloting a process for cultivating Arqus knowledge creating teams to engage with thematic challenges
  • Strengthening students’ transferable skills through education and capacity-building
  • Developing, piloting and disseminating innovative models for multidisciplinary, student-led education across the Alliance and beyond

The work of this Action Line is built on the work and expertice at the Centre for the Study of the Sciences and the Humanities (CSSH), and the Collaboratory initiative for student-led learning at Centre for Climate and Energy Transformation (CET).

Among the activities planned, this Action Line will develop the Arqus Collaboratory challenge-based learning programme, a multimodal programme of activities to pilot challenge-based learning opportunities for students at all the Arqus partner universities. A Winter School will kick off the programme, and students will be trained in communication and dissemination in order to lead an Arqus annual student-led forum.

This Action Line will also organize workshops, trainings and the making of MOOCS (massive open online courses), as well as to develop an Arqus Learning Object Repository: An on-line library to store, share and publish innovative learning resources.