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Arqus activities continue remotely

Information update about the ongoing COVID19 pandemic and Arqus activities.

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The world health crisis caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and the emergency measures in place in all of our countries mean that all of our Arqus universities have suspended in-class teaching activities and, in most cases, have temporarily ceased all other face-to-face activities, with our staff and students working and studying from home.

We are in the process of re-organizing our Arqus workflow and adapting the work plan to this exceptional situation, so we will be able to continue with our activities from our home offices.

Our pace has slowed down given that many of us must look after our health and families, but activities are still in progress.

In the spirit of our mission and vision, Arqus universities, as part of our social and civic commitment, are putting our resources at the disposal of the health authorities in order to contribute to supporting our national health systems. Likewise, research carried out in our universities will contribute to the fight against the virus. And alongside our on-line teaching, we are offering a wide range of on-line cultural activities, together with advice and support for our students, staff, and the general public to help us all through this difficult time.

In this unprecedented challenging situation, it is crucial to keep united and coordinated. In line with the Arqus goal of educating engaged European citizens, we are striving to offer the best of each of us in a concerted collective response. We are convinced that together we will overcome this crisis, and that we will emerge reinforced by the lessons learned and by a critical reflection on our XXI century society.

Stay healthy and positive!