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The Arqus European University Alliance aspires to build on the member universities’ sound prior experience in cooperation in order to achieve a high level of integration in its members’ policies and action plans in order to:  

  • Enhance the education of critically engaged European and global citizens who are able and willing to contribute to a multicultural, multilingual and inclusive Europe which is open to the world. 

  • Increase and improve the joint research capacity of the partner universities.

  • Better respond to the grand societal challenges of the 21st century in Europe and beyond.



Through enhanced sustained cooperation, the Arqus European University Alliance will work together as a laboratory for institutional learning in an innovative and open way to: 

  • Attain a substantially higher level of quality in education and research, and deeper societal, cultural and civic engagement. 

  • Educate engaged critical European citizens to become competent decision-makers. 

  • Become a model for European university integration. 

  • Disseminate its experience, challenges and successes at European and global level.