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Postdoctoral Fellowships - Vilnius University

The purpose of the activity is to support post-doctoral fellowship studies.

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Applications will be assessed in two categories:

  1. Applications in humanities and social sciences 
  2. Applications in natural sciences, technology, medicine and health, and agriculture.

Eligible participants

Any researcher holding a doctoral degree awarded by a Lithuanian or foreign research and studies institution no more than five years before the deadline for submission of applications indicated in the call for proposals (this period doesn’t include maternity leave, paternity or child raising leave until the child is three years old), who is actively engaged in the research activity provided in the project. 

The research fellow has to have the fellowship supervisor (any researcher employed by the applicant institution and who is the supervisor of the work of the research fellow in the course of the project implementation). The selected fellowship supervisor may supervise only one post-doctoral fellow following this call.


Maximum eligible costs per project are €129 891 EUR (fixed rates are applied).

Eligible costs

Personnel costs of post-doctoral fellow (unit costs); travel allowances; service expenses; costs related to the acquisition of short- and long-term assets; costs of depreciation of the long-term assets owned by the applicant; other costs necessary to attain the project’s objectives; indirect project costs (project administration and related costs).

Project duration

24 months. Post-doctoral fellow must commit for full duration of the project.

Mobility during the project

In the course of the project implementation the post-doctoral fellow must be enrolled and attend a fellowship program at a foreign research or studies institution, a research center, a laboratory, a company, an institution, a library, an archive, an expedition etc. Required trip duration is 30 days. The overall duration of the trip may be broken down into individual parts, one of them should be no shorter than 15 days.


2021-01-29 d. 24.00 h. 

If you are looking for accepting team / PI for your project, please contact postdoc@cr.vu.lt 

Information on VU groups can be found here https://www.vu.lt/en/business/innovations-and-research/research-teams and/or https://www.vu.lt/en/scientific-report-2019 

More information in English: 

Guidelines in English (unofficial translation): 

List of annexes to be submitted by the post-doctoral fellow: 

  1. Copies of documents certifying the doctoral degree of the post-doctoral fellow
  2. Curriculum vitae of the post-doctoral fellow (in Lithuanian and English)
  3. A list of the key research publications (no more than 10), and other research production (no more than 5 articles) with comprehensive bibliographic information, references to Clarivate Analytics Web of Science, Scopus or another equivalent database or a publicly accessible source for verifying the information, the information on the registration of patents, or cells of plant or animal species, cell lines or strains of the microorganisms, etc. (in Lithuanian and English).

Please, note that proposal must be submitted in Lithuanian and English therefore early contact with accepting team / laboratory is suggested.