ARQUS Alliance

Happy Birthday Arqus!

The 18 October 2019 marks the beginning of the Arqus Alliance, as it was on this day that the Arqus Rectors’ Council was formally established in Granada. Two years have passed since then and we are proud of what has been achieved so far.

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Staff and students who were not always involved in European and international activities have benefited from Arqus activities and calls participating in events, courses and seminars organized by Arqus.

During these two years, Arqus has worked on Programmes for students with intellectual disabilities and cognitive impairments. Besides, three Joint Master Programmes have been developed. But it gets even better, the Arqus Universities have created a shared catalogue of more than 400 course offers open to Arqus students.

Today Arqus is an Alliance that impacts and transforms not only our institutions but most importantly our students and their learning experiences.

Happy Arqus Day to everyone and thanks to all students, academics, administrative staff and external stakeholders that are contributing to building bridges towards a shared future.