ARQUS Alliance

The Arqus Student Council introduces itself

Each Arqus University is represented by two members in the student council. Elida Linnea Slettum from the University of Bergen and Sofia Giunta from the University of Padova form the top of the student council.

Representatives of the Student Council

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Elida Linnea Slettum from UiB was elected as the new Chair of the Arqus Student Council at the annual conference in Vilnius in October 2021.  Her position includes planning digital and physical meetings as well as setting the agenda. Besides, Elida is from now on in close contact with the management team.

Sofia Giunta from the University of Padova completes the duo as she is the new Vice-Chair. Both work towards a strong student council by ensuring that Arqus students are represented through the council as best as possible. Luckily, even more student representation will be on the agenda for 2022.  

Probably the most impressive part about the student council is that not only students but also the members of the student council benefit from it. Elida and her colleagues have the great opportunity to be part of an Alliance that is still in developing so new ideas are always very welcome. But it gets even better, all members of the student council have already made new academic contacts throughout Europe and can shape the future of Europe together in this network .