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Online Workshop "Is digital inclusion possible?

Join our workshop to get tips and advice on creating accessible digital content.

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During the workshop, dedicated to anyone having never experienced how strong the impact of cultural, material and digital barriers can be, especially when accessing learning resources, Ombretta Gaggi, Professor of Web Accessibility at the University of Padua, will explain why thinking about accessibility as the last phase of a design process is a big mistake.

This workshop is designed to be active and interactive.

Before you make your decision about whether to participate or not, please think about the differences between the two images on the right side!

If you would like to attend this workshop, please register by filling in the following form: https://forms.gle/KSCqEZs1aL5yTsy28. Remember to use your "institutional" email account (the one provided by your institution). Before the workshop, you will receive the link to connect.

Please also consider to register, if you are interested in the topic but cannot attend due to availability issues. The session will be recorded and the recording will be shared with people who have registered.