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Learn about diversity and societal challenges and work together with students from other European universities. Sign up for ARQUS221: Facing Grand Challenges: a European Research Programme.

Student participant at Arqus student-led forum
UiB student Nora Berg Tveter highly recommends the experience of attending the student-led forum where students from different disciplines and countries come together to solve challenges.
Ida Bergstrøm

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Are you a student who wishes to explore new territories and work together with students from the Arqus Alliance universities? Registration deadline is 16 January. 

About the Course

The course has three main parts:

The Winter School (14-18 February 2022 in Granada): The Winter School in Granada brings together 6 students from each of the 7 Arqus universities. The aim is to equip the students with interdisciplinary research ides, skills and resources to develop group research projects in the areas of diversity, interdisciplinarity and social challenges in each Arqus city. 

The challenge-based learning programme: Following the winter school, students form research groups at their home universities, to conduct research projects over the semester in collaboration with local institutions. 

The student-led forum: 6 students will join in a student-led forum facilitated by the Arqus alliance, where they will work together with students from the 6 other universities. 

The principles of the educational approach are:

  • challenge-based research
  • interdisciplinarity
  • student leadership and citizen engagement

Extensive information about ARQUS221 is available here and here you can find the full course description for ARQUS221