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MOOC about Mental Borders and European Identity

This open online course is relevant for all students regardless of their field of study. It has an interdisciplinary focus and explores the concepts of mental and physical borders and the shaping of modern European identity and citizenship.

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This MOOC has course instructors from UiB and from several other European universities, such as Granada, Graz, Leipzig, Padua and Vilnius.
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Main content

The Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) starts 5 September.

The course aims to explore the historical development of the concepts of Europe and European-ness from several geographical and cultural vantage points. There is a need to reformulate and reimagine European citizenship and to move away from limited geographical states and institutional boundaries towards wider and more socially committing ideas and ideals.

Who can take the MOOC?

The MOOC is for all students of the Arqus Alliance universities, and all other interested participants are welcome to join as well. You do not need a certain study background or a certain level of study/years studied. 

The course has four units, each designed to provide a multidisciplinary apporoach to the topic. Teachers from a wide variety of fields will provide academic theories and approaches to underpin the current debates on social cohesion and citizenship.

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Receive a certificate

The course contains these four units:

  • Unit 1: Narratives of Europe and the uses of the past
  • Unit 2: Citizenship and collective identity in Europe
  • Unit 3: Humanitarian borders in Europe
  • Unit 4: EU as a global player

You will receive an automatic certificate if you answer at least 75 % of the self-assessment questions at the end correctly.