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BCEPS Co-Hosts Event on Ethical Challenges in Research in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

Four BCEPS researchers presented at the event on Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Presenters on stage

BCEPS Researchers Present at the 10th National Summit of Health and Population Scientists, Nepal

The 10th National Summit of Health and Population Scientists was organised by the Nepal Health Research Council (Government of Nepal) and inaugurated by the Honorable President of Nepal.

Photo of Ingrid Miljeteig holding her report

BCEPS Professor Ingrid Miljeteig Presents Expert Group Report on Priority Setting and Transparency to the Norwegian Ministry of Health

The report is entitled “Tillit til prioriteringer—økt åpenhet, medvirkning og kompetanse” (“Trust in priority setting—increased transparency, participation and competence”)


BCEPS represented in The Lancet Commission on Sustainability in Healthcare

The Commission is bringing together a group of international experts to facilitate a transition to climate-resilient and sustainable health systems.

Åpningsmarkering BCEPS

"Better health for all – more fairly distributed"

On Monday 8 January, the official opening of BCEPS Centre of Excellence took place in the university aula. The centre will develop new methods and ethical frameworks to help decision-makers in ensuring a fairer distribution of health services. ​

Selected Recent Publications:

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BCEPS funding

BCEPS is fully funded until the end of 2022 and receives funding from the Trond Mohn Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), the Research Council of Norway, and the University of Bergen.