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Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS)

BCEPS aims to understand and promote ethically acceptable, fair, and efficient priority setting in national health systems.


Which health services in humanitarian settings should we NOT provide during COVID-19?

BCEPS researcher Kjell Arne Johansson participated in an international panel discussion hosted by the Geneva Centre of Humanitarian Studies on 11 November 2020.


ZEIT ONLINE interview with BCEPS Director Ole Frithjof Norheim

This interview is part of a ZEIT ONLINE series of interviews where leading researchers are asked about their concerns in the current crisis. According to Norheim, "The question should be: Where can the most lives be saved?"

COVID-19 | Vaccine Allocation
Covid Vaccine

UiB representation on Norwegian expert advisory committee

BCEPS Director Ole Frithjof Norheim is one of a group of six experts appointed to an expert committee that will provide advice on who should receive prioritised access to a corona vaccine in Norway.

Book Publication
Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis

All-in-one guide to analysing health equity impacts and trade-offs

Researchers and affiliated researchers from BCEPS have contributed as editors and chapter authors to the recently published Oxford University Press handbook of "Distributional Cost-Effectiveness Analysis".

International Journal Publication
global vaccine allocation

An ethical framework for global vaccine allocation

BCEPS Director Ole Frithjof Norheim contributes to a paper in Science Magazine proposing an ethical framework for global COVID-19 vaccine allocation.

Recent Scientific Publications:

Blanchet, Karl; Alwan, Ala; Antoine, Caroline; Cros, Marion Jane; Feroz, Ferozuddin; Guracha, Tseguaneh Amsalu;  Haaland, Øystein; Hailu, Alemayehu; Hangoma, Peter; Jamison, Dean; Memirie, Solomon TessemaMiljeteig, Ingrid; Naeem, Ahmad Jan; Nam, Sara L.; Norheim, Ole F.; Verguet, Stéphane; Watkins, David; Johansson, Kjell Arne. Protecting essential health services in low-income and middle-income countries and humanitarian settings while responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. BMJ Global Health 2020;5:e003675.

Yigezu, Amanuel; Alemayehu, Senait; Hamusse, Shallo Daba; Ergeta, Getachew Teshome; Hailemariam, Damen; Hailu, Alemayehu. Cost-effectiveness of facility-based, stand-alone and mobile-based voluntary counseling and testing for HIV in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. BMC BioMed Central; 11 September 2020.

Emanuel, Ezekiel J.; Persad, Govind; Kern, Adam Kern; Buchanan, Allen; Fabre, Cécile; Halliday, Daniel Halliday; Heath, Joseph; Herzon, Lisa; Leland, R. J.; Lemango, Ephrem T.; Luna, Florencia Luna; McCoy, Matthew S.; Norheim, Ole F.; Ottersen, Trygve; Schaefer, G. Owen; Tan, Kok-Chor; Wellman, Christopher Heath; Wolff, Jonathan Wolff; Richardson, Henry S. An ethical framework for global vaccine allocation. Science; 4 September 2020.

BCEPS funding

BCEPS is fully funded until the end of 2022 and receives funding from the Trond Mohn Foundation, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD), the Research Council of Norway, and the University of Bergen.