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Addis Center for Ethics and Priority Setting

Addis Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (ACEPS)

ACEPS is led by Solomon Tessema Memirie and aims to be a regional hub for knowledge exchange on priority setting and benefit package design in East Africa.

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ACEPS aims to support BCEPS in expanding its work on Disease Control Priorities in Ethiopia (DCPE, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation) to Zanzibar and Malawi. It will act as a hub for country translation work, arranging short-term and advanced courses in economic evaluation, priority setting and essential health service package design for relevant stakeholders from Malawi and Zanzibar.

It is also planned that ACEPS will collaborate with the newly established International Institute for Primary Health Care in Addis for wider knowledge exchange with neighboring countries.

Three-day Course in Evidence-Based Priority Setting

An initial 3-day training course was held in Addis Ababa in November 2019 with 12 participants from Zanzibar, 5 from Malawi and 3 from Ethiopia.

Six-day Course in Basic Cost-Effectiveness Analaysis

A 6-day training course covering the basics of cost-effectiveness analysis and costing of health interventions using the World Health Organisation's OneHealth Tool (OHT) was held in Zanzibar in February 2020 with 12 participants from Zanzibar and 4 from Malawi.

Revision of Ethiopia's Essential Health Services Package (EHSP)

ACEPS had a key role in the Ministry of Health's revision of Ethiopia's Essential Health Services Package (EHSP) in 2019. It will also contribute to monitoring its implementation.

For example, there is a BCEPS Working Paper (2020) on this topic: