Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS)

Kaya Cetin

Kaya Cetin is a medical student following the PhD-research track program. Her research project focuses on moral distress and ethical challenges in relation to newborn and maternal health in Ethiopia. She is expected to finish her cand.med in 2024.

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Personal and academic background 

I decided to apply for the research track after a series of inspiring lectures on medical ethics in my second year of medical school. I had some experience with quantitative research, the kind you do in a petri-dish in a sterile laboratory with pipettes, and thought that research probably was not for me.

Discovering that with BCEPS I would have the opportunity to do qualitative research and conduct my own fieldwork while being supervised by seriously talented academics and doctors, was kind of mind blowing. 

Research topic 

My research project is within maternal and newborn health in Ethiopia, exploring the concept of moral distress and other ethical challenges clinicians face in their daily medical practice. I believe that to ensure quality healthcare, for mothers and babies everywhere, we need to know more about how clinicians in hospitals and health centers are coping with their challenging work environment. 

Future plans 

My fulltime research year with BCEPS has made it possible to get involved in and learn about the complex world of global and public health, a world I would like to engage in in the future. I plan to complete medical school, publish at least one paper and, fingers crossed, become one of those inspiring people combining a clinical and academic career.