Bergen Centre for Ethics and Priority Setting (BCEPS)
Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics

Priority setting in healthcare in pandemics and other situations of mass casualties

The theme for the Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics’ Award Winner Seminar 2021 is priority settings in healthcare in pandemics and other situations of mass casualties. BCEPS' Ole Frithjof Norheim will contribute on the topic of "Priority groups for coronavirus vaccination: experiences from Norway".

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Saving life is a top priority of the healthcare system. Under normal circumstances, patients with life-threatening conditions will be given priority over other patients with reference to their higher need.

However, as the ongoing pandemic has shown, there are exceptional situations where, due to lack of ICU beds, personnel and other resources, priorities may have to be made between patients with equally life-threatening conditions. What ethical principles should inform these hard decisions?

The issue will be discussed from both a theoretical and a policy perspective. Experiences and lessons from the pandemic in different European countries will be shared.

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