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BCEPS PhD defence ‘Fair Pathways to Net Zero Healthcare’ – Anand Bhopal

On 17th June 2024, BCEPS PhD Candidate Anand Bhopal will defend his thesis on priority setting and net zero healthcare systems.

Anand Bhopal presenting at a conference
@Giulia_Loff (Twitter), 27.01.23

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On 17th June 2024, Anand Bhopal, physician and BCEPS PhD Research Fellow will defend his thesis ‘Fair Pathways to Net Zero Healthcare’. His thesis, supervised by BCEPS Director Ole Frithjof Norheim, explores how carbon emissions can and should impact the fair and efficient priority setting in healthcare.

The health sector is not only suffering from the consequences of climate change but is also a significant contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions. An increasingly pressing challenge is how to prioritize net-zero healthcare ambitions in the face of so many other competing concerns, especially in low-resource settings.

“As a recent and emerging agenda, net zero healthcare has been action-orientated, with the relatively little published literature mainly describing what is happening rather than exploring how or why.” Dr. Bhopal describes. His work explores the theoretical and ‘real-world’ challenges and trade-offs which net zero healthcare entails. This includes an interview study with civil servants leading national net zero healthcare programmes and conceptual work exploring potential trade-offs along the way.

The PhD defence will take place at Alrek Health Cluster, Midgard (Aula) from 10.15-11.15 (trial lecture) and 12.15-15.30 (defence).

This is a public event and all are welcome to attend.

For the press release (Norwegian) visit: https://www.uib.no/nye-doktorgrader/170950/klimakrisen-helsevesenet-m%C3%A5-ta-ansvar  

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