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BetterAge-partner KLP fears more challenges in elderly care in the future

The pension company KLP wants to strengthen the elderly care through research and innovation.

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KLP is the pension company for municipalities and health enterprises in Norway. 900,000 have pension savings through their employer in KLP. Of these, about 250,000 are fully or partially retired, the rest are working in municipalities or health enterprises.

“As a pension company for municipalities and health enterprises, we have been actively involved in supporting our owners' work in preventing sickness absence and disability. We support individual projects and have a working life network where experiences are shared across. We also support research that can help shed light on the topic and reinforce the effect of the work, says marketing director Pia Fiskvik Karfjell at KLP.

There is no doubt what is among the biggest challenges for KLP's owners in the years to come.

“Elderly care is one of our owners' most important and demanding tasks, especially in the future. BetterAge is a broad-based work that will also provide valuable input into the preventive work that we think is important to be a part of,” says Karfjell.

“In what way will KLP contribute to SFI BetterAge?”

“We want to contribute with dissemination of research to increase knowledge, mastery and motivation. We want to reach out to a million employees and pensioners for whom we manage the pension,” says Karfjell.