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BetterAge partner Nyby mobilizes resource

The Nyby platform helps municipalities and organizations to easily mobilize resource persons for important welfare tasks.

Health workers
Health workers

“Nyby is the world's first interaction platform for welfare services. The service is provided as a software where the municipality lets the healthcare professionals directly connect those in need with those who can contribute. Municipalities themselves control who can ask for help and who can contribute,” says Eline Furuseth, communications advisor in Nyby.

She points out that Nyby works for municipalities to exploit the opportunities the platform provides, and that they can measure the effect of it.

“What our partners accomplish with Nyby is two-fold: we both want to mobilize available resources in the society for important welfare tasks, and to contribute to reduced loneliness, increased citizen participation and voluntary care among the elderly and people at risk of dementia.” says Furuseth.

Nyby wants to participate in SFI BetterAge to gain even more insight into what kind of challenges municipalities and welfare services have when it comes to older people and challenges related to dementia.

“Nyby will contribute to the project with data and practice sharing from active use of the platform in municipalities, nonprofit and voluntary organizations throughout Norway, Sweden, Denmark,” says Furuseth.