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MBI honours the memory and legacy of Kjell Kleppe

Professor Kjell Kleppe (1934-1988) - Biochemist, genetic engineer and pioneer

Department of Molecular Biology honours the memory and legacy of Professor Kjell Kleppe (1934-1988) one of our unsung heroes of molecular biology, and the one who amplified DNA 20 years before PCR.

Professor Kjell Kleppe (1934-1988)
Professor Kjell Kleppe (1934-1988)

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Professor Kjell Kleppe (1934-1988) was a chemist, biochemist, and molecular biologist, and one of the Norwegian pioneers of genetic engineering. Professor Kleppe is most known for his pre-PCR experiments with DNA amplification while working with the Nobel laureate Gobind Khorana in the late 1960ies. As professor at the Department of Biochemistry, University of Bergen, he led an internationally recognised research group on DNA repair and he spearheaded establishment of genetic engineering and modern molecular biology in Bergen and Norway. Thanks to professor Kleppe, Bergen got its High Technology Centre (HIB) in 1990. With the Annual Kjell Kleppe Lecture, Department of Molecular Biology wishes to honor the memory and legacy of one of our unsung heroes.  We are proud to announce Professor Rickard Sandberg, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, a pioneer of single-cell sequenceing, as the Inaugural Kjell Kleppe Lecturer, a lecture jointly hosted by the Horizons Lecture series.

This event has presentations from professors Lars Haarr, Johan R. Lillehaug, and Dag E. Helland 

Immediately after this event at 16:15, Professor Rickard Sandberg, Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, will present the Inaugural Kjell Kleppe Lecture, a joint lecture with the Horizons Lecture Series:  

"Single-cell RNA sequencing: a modern microscope"

Both events take place in Egget at Studentsenteret. Refreshments will be served between the two events. Everybody is welcome!

Earlier on the same day at 11:00-12:00 , Professor Rickard Sandberg will give a research talk: "Analyses of allelic gene expression in single cells" in Department of Molecular Biology Seminar room, HIB.