Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)
Election - 2022

Department council election 2022 - RESULTS

New members representing group B (temporarily employed staff in teaching and research positions) and group D (students) have been elected for the period of 2022-2023.

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Portrettfoto av Kristine Borhaug Dahlgren
Group D nominee, Kristine Borhaug Dahlgren
Portrettfoto av Gaute Wilhelmsen Seljestad
Group B nominee, Gaute W. Seljestad
Portrettfoto av Jonas Stuksrud
Group D nominee, Jonas Stuksrud
Portrettfoto av Christina Marie Ingdal
Group D nominee, Christina Marie Ingdal
Portrettfoto av Vebjørn Kveberg Opsanger
Group D nominee, Vebjørn Kveberg Opsanger
Portrettfoto av Thomas Stevenson
Group B nominee, Thomas Stevenson
Portrettfoto av Anton Michael King
Group D nominee, Anton Michael King
Portrettfoto av Mina Frøshaug
Group D nominee, Mina Frøshaug

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New members of the Department council has been elected, representing group B (temporarily employed staff in teaching and research positions) and group D (students).  The results were announced 30.05.2022, see below.  Any complaints must be received by the electoral board by 7. June 2022.

Group B representatives

Nominees: 3

Elected representative:

Alicia May Donnellan Barraclough

Elected substitute representatives:

1: Thomas Michael James Stevenson

2: Gaute Wilhelmsen Seljestad

Group D representatives

Nominees: 7

Elected representatives:

Anton Michael King

Mina Frøshaug                

Elected substitute representatives:

1: Tana-Helén Meyer-Becker

2: Christina Marie Ingdal

3: Vebjørn Kverberg Opsanger

4: Kristine Borhaug Dahlgren

5: Jonas Stuksrud

More info about the nominees

Group B nominee - Gaute Wilhelmsen Seljestad

As temporary scientific employees, we are in a sense the future of academia. Since the department council's cases can have effects over time, I might say that our group is the most important representative in the department council. I wish to include this perspective in the department council, and that I personally wish to gain a slightly greater insight into the choices and assessments that have been made at the department.

Group B nominee - Alicia May Donnellan Barraclough

Alicia is a post doc fellow affiliated with the Ecological and Environmental Change Research Group


Group B nominee - Thomas Stevenson

Thomas is a PhD fellow affiliated with the Molecular biology group (faggruppe). I believe that a good working environment is important for promoting well-being for all employees, but especially for those who have temporary contracts and often feel extra pressure. UiB is an excellent place to work, but many question the lack of emphasis on career development (for both academic and non-academic career paths), little access to special training or courses and inadequate communication between the departments. I am concerned with improving these areas to ensure that all temporary researchers can make the best possible use of their time at UiB.

Group D nominee - Kristine Borhaug Dahlgren

Hi! My name is Kristine and I am studying civil engineering in Aquaculture. Right now I am the event manager in LFFH, and am also a member of the Aquaculture "fagutvalg".

I have studied at the Department of Life Sciences for almost three years, and want to help create a stronger link between the students and the administration. I am very concerned that the students should have an affiliation with their department, and a separate area providing a working environment for the study programme.

Group D nominee - Christina Marie Ingdal

Hi, my name is Christina Marie and I belong to the integrated master's program in aquaculture.

I am a jovial and committed student, who after two years in the line association for fish health and aquaculture (LFFH), now want to contribute at department level. In LFFH, I have been both industry contact/responsible, and since October last year, the leader.

The students' representation in the department council is important, and perhaps especially important in the coming years - so that we are taken care of despite financial constraints.

I want to help shorten the distance between the administration and the student, and that the flow of information will go quickly from the top down. It is also important to me that financial austerity does not come at the expense of areas that belong to students!

Group D nominee - Jonas Stuksrud

My name is Jonas, I am 23 years old and now in my second year of my bachelor's degree in molecular biology. I am a board member of the molecular biology "fagutvalg", Helix and want to get more involved in the academic in my third year. I volunteer for the department council because I want to learn more about how the department works and I want to get as much out of my time as a student as possible. I also think I can contribute with good insight into how students experience the MOL subjects and the bachelor's degree as a whole.

Group D nominee - Vebjørn Kveberg Opsanger

My motivation for volunteering is: That students should get the competence required in introductory subjects. Mastery and social belonging I think is important for students to feel good and complete their studies. To facilitate a community for students from the same field of study within and across the academic year. Contribute to better communication between the department and students.


Group D nominee - Tana-Helén Meyer-Becker

I am currently in the second year of molecular biology and wish to be a student representative in the department council in the autumn of 22. I have been a representative in the realist committee for the Helix "fagutvalg", autumn 21 and spring 22. This has given me a lot of insight into the work behind running a university and that the students have an impact on what happens at both the department level and the faculty level. I want to be a voice for the students in the department council, since it is important that we who are to learn and develop here at the university have a role behind the scenes.

Nominert fra gruppe D - Mina Frøshaug


My name is Mina and I am studying civil engineering in Aquaculture. Outside of my studies, I am on the board as company contact for the line association for fish health and aquaculture (LFFH) and am a member of the student music corps Larmonien. I want to learn more about how the university is structured and how we as students can influence everyday study. For me, it is important that there is a flow of information between the department and the students, so that everyone gets the same information. I also want to work for more student work places and study areas, especially now that there are cut backs at the department. It is important that the students have areas to be in, so that we do not get more dropouts than is absolutely necessary.

Nominert fra gruppe D - Anton Michael King

Hi, my name is Anton Michael King and I am a student on the aquamedicine programme. Here I am also on the board of the line association for fish health and aquaculture (LFFH) as responsible for marketing.

I have been a student at the Department of Biology/Biological Sciences since 2016, when I started my bachelor's degree in biology.

During my years at the Department, I have noticed a distance between the administration and the students. This distance is something I would like to work to reduce, and make it easier and less scary for students to contact the administration.

Census, list of qualified voters, elegibility and right to nominate

To be able to nominate candiates and to vote, you must be registered in the UiB census, see jf § 6 Valgreglement for UiB.

Group. B - use this link to check if you are registered in the census. The census will be updated in March.

You are electable if you, at the time of the election, are:

  • temporarily employed in a scientific position and the duration of your employment is at least one year, in at least 50 percent position
  • or if you have been continuously employed for at least one year in at least 50% position.

Group D - use this link to check if you are registered in the census.  The census will be updated in March.

Anyone who is electable, is also qualified to nominate candidates.

Questions regarding the census can be adressed by e-mail to the University's electoral board: valgstyret@uib.no.

Valgreglement for UiB (Electoral regulations for UiB, only available in Norwegian)

Electoral board at the Faculty of mathematics and natural sciences spring 2022

Gr A: Fredrik Manne, professor, Institutt for informatikk, leder valgstyretVara: Yushu Li, førsteamanuensis, Matematisk institutt

Gr A: Jorun Egge, professor, Institutt for biovitenskapVara: Bjørn Grung, førsteamanuensis, Kjemisk institutt

Gr B: Mathias Myrtveit Sæther, stipendiat, Institutt for fysikk og teknologiVara: Eivind Nag Mosland, stipendiat, Institutt for fysikk og teknologi

Gr C: Linda Vagtskjold, administrasjonssjef, Institutt for informatikkVara: Ole Tumyr, overingeniør, Institutt for geovitenskap

Gr D: Matias Helleve, master student, Institutt for fysikk og teknologiVara: Juli Grønaas Kvamme, master student, Institutt for fysikk og teknologi

Sekretær valgstyret: Gry E. Parker