Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)
Election - 2024

Department council election 2024, Department of Biological Sciences - results.

New members representing group B (temporarily employed staff in teaching and research positions) and group D (students) have been elected for the period of 1.8.2024-31.7.2025. Please find the names of the newly elected representatives and substitutes below.


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The results of the election were announced May 30th 2024.  Any complaints must be submitted to the electoral board no later than June 5th 2024.

Election results – group B (3 nominees)

Elected member:

Katherine Louise Powell Downham


Elected substitute members:

1: Hasan Arsin

2: Kristine Birkeli


Election results – group D (5 nominees)

Elected member:

Rakel Standal Rege

Alexander Bouz Utskot

Elected substitute members:

1: Emma Strand Haugen
2: Mathea O.S. Brunvoll
3: Liv Kristin Knappskog

Presentation of the candidates

Kristine Birkeli - Group B

Kristine Birkeli is a PhD-fellow affiliated with the Ecology and evolution group

Hasan Arsin - Group B

Portrettfoto av Hasan Arsin

Hello !

I am Hasan, and I have been part of the BIO environment at UiB since 2014 when I started my doctoral studies. I am now in my second year in a postdoctoral position, and am quite interested in both being better informed about everything that affects us in "Group B", and in communicating our issues up to a higher level. I am particularly interested in how the faculty and the institute will be dealing with these difficult economic times and the impact on how we work, teach and research at the high level that everyone is hoping to maintain.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from all of you, digitally and in person.

Katherine Downham - Group B

Portrettfoto av Katherine Downham


I’m Katie and I am currently in the second year of my PhD in the Molecular Biology group. In my free time I love to boulder, run, and am also a member of the scouts. I would like to be elected to the Institute Council as I want to learn more about and be involved in departmental matters. I believe I would be an excellent Gruppe B representative as I am approachable and diligent. You can easily find me at the Early Career Researcher Events if you want to bring anything up or have a casual chat! Having moved recently to UiB and Bergen I can provide a fresh outside perspective which I plan to actively use on behalf of Gruppe B during council meetings.  

Thank you for considering me and please say hi at the next Early Career Researcher Event 😊.

Rakel Standal Rege - Group D

Rakel Standal Rege is a bachelor's student in Biology

Liv Kristin Knappskog - Group D

Portrettfoto av Liv Kristin Knappskog


I am standing as a candidate for the department council because I am interested in taking care of students' interests, while at the same time the offer at Department of Biological Sciences continues to be improved and updated to keep it relevant and interesting for students.


Liv Kristin Knappskog 

Master's student Marine biology, UiB

Mathea Brunvoll - kandidat for gruppe D

Portrettfoto av Mathea Brunvoll


I am a master's student in marine biology, and I want to stand for election to be a voice between the department and the students. I want to provide a platform for me and my fellow students to be able to influence decisions that affect us. I am interested in developing and improving biology education for everyone!

Mvh Mathea O. S. Brunvoll 

Alexander Bouz Utskot - kandidat for gruppe D

Hello, I am a bachelor's student in molecular biology and finance manager for the Helix molecular biology "fagutvalg". I am standing for election to improve the flow of information between the department and bio students as a whole.


Alexander Utskot 

Finance manager for Helix

Emma Strand Haugen - kandidat for gruppe D

Emma Strand Haugen is in her third year of the Integrated master's in aquaculture

Announcement of Department council election 2024

New representatives are to be elected for the Department council from group B (temporarily employed staff in teaching and research positions) and group D (students) for the period fo 1.8.2024-31.7.2025. 

The following representatives are to be elected

  • Group B: 1 representative and 2 substitutes
  • Group D: 2 representatives og 2 substitutes

Election period 

Voting will start 22rd May at 09:00AM and ends 24th May at 12:00PM.

Nomination committee

If there is not a sufficient number of candidates of each gender when the nomination deadline is reached, the nomination committee shall nominate additional candidates to complete the list according to the requirements for elections at UiB.

  • Anne Bjune - group A
  • Hasan Arsin - group B
  • Grethe Aarbakke - group C
  • Christina Marie Ingdal - group D

Current council representatives

Group A - Permanently employed scientific staff

Ørjan Totland (chair), Tom Ole Nilsen, Alistair William Robin Seddon, Runar Stokke         

Substitue: Fergal O’Farrell                             

Group B - Temporarily employed scientific staff

Natalya Gallo

Substitutes: Katharina Stracke, Christian Hans Quintana Zagaceta

Group C - Technical and administrative staff

Julie Skadal, Frank Midtøy

Substitutes: Bjørg Flatekvål, Hilde Rief Armo

Group D - Students

Marte Elise Rørstad, Alexander Bouz Utskot 

Substitutes: Hanna Sannes, Gina Koulibaly Barry


Head of administration Julie Stavnes

Nomination of candidates - deadline 5. March

We hereby invite all members of the respective groups to nominate candidates for the election.  For info on elegibility and right to nominate, please see below.

Nomination deadline: 5. March 12:00.  

All nominations are to be forwarded in writing (please use this form), signed by the proposers.  The nominations are to be submitted to the Department's electoral contact (se right hand column for contact details). 

Nomination committee at BIO spring 2024

Census, list of qualified voters, elegibility and right to nominate

To be able to nominate candiates and to vote, you must be registered in the UiB census, see jf § 6 Valgreglement for UiB.

Group. B - use this link to check if you are registered in the census. The census will be updated in March.

You are electable if you, at the time of the election, are:

  • temporarily employed in a scientific position and the duration of your employment is at least one year, in at least 50 percent position
  • or if you have been continuously employed for at least one year in at least 50% position.

Group D - use this link to check if you are registered in the census.  The census will be updated in March.

Anyone who is electable, is also qualified to nominate candidates.

Questions regarding the census can be adressed by e-mail to the University's electoral board: valgstyret@uib.no.

Valgreglement for UiB (Electoral regulations for UiB, only available in Norwegian)