Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

bioCEED 10 Year Anniversary Seminar

BioCEED is inviting you to celebrate our 10-year anniversary! 

bioceed 10yrs anniversary
poster for the event
Jonathan Soule/bioCEED

Main content

At the anniversary seminar we will share some of what we have learnt through 10 years of educational development and educational research. The seminar will end with a reception with refreshments. The main focus will be on how educators can use the knowledge and innovations from bioCEED. Most presentations will be in English, and some in Norwegian.


12:00-13:00 Coffee and opening 

The program from stage will start at 12:15 with opening remarks and short talks from BIO Head of Department Ørjan Totland, bioCEED board leader Yael Harlap, and bioCEED core team members Ruben Schelbred Thormodsæter, Kristin Holtermann, Tina Dahl  and Oddfrid Førland.

13:00-14:00  “How it started, how it happened, where it’s going, —10 years of cultural transformation and the way forward.” 

bioCEED leaders Vigdis Vandvik, Pernille Bronken Eidesen, Steve Coulson, and Sehoya Cotner will walk us through the critical steps that took us from “then” to “now,” and reflect a bit on key elements of bioCEED success. 

14:00-14:15 Pause

14:15-14:45 Student panel – students as partners in research and development.

A conversation about student partnership, led by PhD student Ruben Schelbred Thormodsæther, with professor and vice dean Sigrunn Eliassen, and student partners at bioCEED Lars Martin Myhre, Hanif Kawousi and Pernille Eyde Nerlie.

14:45-15:45  Short talks from teachers, researchers and leaders – what we have learnt and how to use it? 

  • Certification, Simone Lang
  • Work practice and relevance, Gro van der Meeren and Gaute Velle.
  • Motivation and learning, Lucas Jeno

Short break

  • Educational development and leadership, Sigrunn Eliassen and Øvyind Fiksen
  • How I changed my teaching, Anne Bjune.
  • Digital learning resources – videos and virtual field guides, Simen Hjelle and Jonathan Soulé

15:45 Closing remarks from HKdir by Jon Gunnar Mølstre Simonsen and bioCEED director Sehoya Cotner.

16:00 Reception with refreshments 

The celebration will continue at the student bar Integrerbar at Realfagbygget.