Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

BIO300 Final Presentations

At the end of the autumn semester all the Biological Data Analysis and Research Design (BIO300) groups present their results at a meeting that is open to the public.

Course partners, BIO staff, fellow students, Bergen Kommune and members of the press are invited.

Science communication occurs not only between scientists, but between scientists and people and stake-holders beyond the academic world.

BIO300 teachers have been actively promoting more creative and innovative approaches to this very important aspect of being a scientist. The science communication activity has greatly increased the past couple of years and the newest community partnerships reflect this trend. Learn more.

In 2011, one group worked with the national modern dance company Carte Blanche, one with a dramaturg, one with a South Korean computer graphics artist and one with a pictograph expert from the College of Art and Design. Learn more.

In 2012 the artistic influences were from a composer, a visual artist, a film editor and a dramaturg. 2012's final presentations were filmed. Learn more.

In 2013 BIO300 joined forces with a visual artist, a composer and a film editor. Learn more

The science communication effort in BIO300 has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both sides of the podium and far beyond the classroom.

Learn more about BIO300 awards and BIO300 in the media.

The results are presented at the end of semester in a session that is open to the public. Reports are also delivered to Bergen Municipality. The students have two rules for their public presentations: keep the time limit of 12 minutes and get the point across.

About half the groups are guided on how to structure a basic scientific presentation and given free reign within that framework, while the remainder is given the option of various potential artistic collaborators.

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