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BIO300 Biological Data Analysis and Research Design is a Biology Bootcamp for a new generation of Scientists

Christian Irgens

Handing on a sustainable future

BIO300 emphasizes cooperation among the students. This short film gives a brilliant and simple solution for how cooperation needs to play a large role in achieving a sustainable future! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xrXyRJV96mk
Nature video
BIO300 fieldwork 2012
BIO300 fieldwork 2012
Christian Irgens
Christian Irgens
Christian Irgens
Group 7 Grimstad
Group 7 Grimstad

BIO300 is a multi-dimensional “kick-off” course that is mandatory for all students enrolled in BIO’s Masters’ programmes.

The course is constantly evolving in dialogue with its community partners and its students.


BIO300 is unique

What is unique about BIO300 is that the research activity makes a concrete contribution to UiB outreach to Bergen Community.

Since 2005 the course leaders have been collaborating with Bergen Municipality’s Water and Water Treatment Department as part of their surveillance programme on drinking and bathing water in areas in and around Bergen. Every year the results of the student projects are used by the Municipality as part of their assessment programme.

The students consider questions such as,

  • What is the status of the water system in question?
  • What is the water quality of the system?
  • If there is a treatment facility, how is it functioning? And,
  • Has the water quality in a given system effects on the local animal and plant life (before and after treatment)? 
  • Where is the best place to restock fresh water mussels?

The collaboration involves Bergen Municipality and many others. Learn more about BIO300 partners and Artistic partners.


BIO300 is a Prize-winning course!

  • BIO's Best teacher award (2011 & 2012)
  • Norwegian Ministry of Education and Research's Education Quality Prize (2009) NOKUT
  • UiB's Prize for Academic Quality (2009) Ugle / Best Course

Effective Science Communication is a learning outcome that is stressed in the course. The students' project results are presented at the end of the semester in a session that is open to the public. Learn more.


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