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BIO300 Partners and Collaborators

Biological Data Analysis and Research Design (BIO300) actively engages in social dialogue with the community of Bergen.

Five biology students performing sample work by the sea.
BIO students in Bergen can use nature as their classroom and get to explore their natural surroundings in an academic setting.
Christian Irgens

BIO300 is a flagship course at the Department of Biology. It is an award-winning required graduate level experience with between 40-60 new Master-level students participating each autumn. What is unique about BIO300 is that the student projects make a concrete contribution to UiB's outreach to Bergen community.

The course developers and teachers collaborate with Bergen Municipality’s Water and Water Treatment Department. This collaboration leads to a list of small water quality testing projects every year that enable students to develop hands-on research skills under supervision. Every year since 2005 the results of the student projects have been used as part of the Municipality’s water assessment programme.

The research project collaboration involves other partners in addition to Bergen Municipality, including Rådgivende Biologer, Tison-Titlestad AS, Vannlaboratoriet ved Bergen Kommune, Chemlab Services AS, among others.

BIO300 teachers have been actively promoting more creative and innovative approaches in the course, particularly relating to science communication. They have been developing new partnerships with local artistic institutions such as Carte Blanche, Grieg School of Music/University College of Stord and Huagesund, the Bergen Academy of Art and Design and Bergen National Opera.

Each year brings new developments. Much has been written about BIO300; films have been made for, by and about BIO300; and the new initiatives in science communication are attracting international attention.


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Partner links:

Bergen Municipality
Bergen Municipality’s Water and Water Treatment Department (Norwegian)
Rådgivende Biologer (Norwegian)
Tison-Titlestad AS (Norwegian)
Vannlaboratoriet ved Bergen Kommune (Norwegian)
Chemlab Services AS (address info)


Carte Blanche
Grieg School of Music
University College of Stord and Haugesund
Bergen Academy of Art and Design
Bergen National Opera
Alan Adla Centre for Communicating Science @ Stony Brook University

Oded Ben-Horin
Jeanette M. Kjær (Actress)
Tom Costigan (Media consultant)