Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)
Learning milieu prize

BIO awarded top learning milieu prize 2009

In 2008 UiB established an internal prize to encourage high quality in learning milieux at the university.

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All students and student organizations are invited to nominate possible candidates. A jury composed of two faculty and two students decide which nominee will win the 50 000NOK prize. The first prize, awarded in 2009, was given to the Department of Biology.

In På Høyden, Eli Høie, the leader of academic studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences underlined how BIO has worked hard to create a good learning environment both socially and academically. In particular, she underlined the emphasis on field and lab activities.

Read the På Høyden article.

In addition, in 2009 BIO300 was awarded the Education Ministry’s top prize for quality for 2009. Learn more