Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

Two new professors at BIO

The Board of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences has recently approved the appointment of two new professors at BIO: Jorun Karin Egge and Vigdis Vandvik.


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Both are educated and have been working at UiB. Egge's speciality is marine microbiology and Vandvik's is plant ecology.

Although Egge says that it makes little practical difference to her day-to-day working life, because she continues with the same research initiatives and teaches the same courses; it is a significant milestone in her scientific career: it represents official recognition of her scientific accomplishments and competency.

There are regulations governing the requirements for professorial promotions within the mathematical and natural sciences at Norwegian universities and colleges. A professorial candidate must demonstrate high scientific competency both within their own field but also must have good insight into related fields. They must be able to initiate and lead research. They must have a solid record of scientific production. Pedagogic competency and experience are required. International activity and academic management experience are also taken into consideration. An external panel is appointed to evaluate the professor applicants.

In other words, being appointed "Professor" means that one is good at science - both at generating new knowledge, and also at disseminating this knowledge.

We at BIO know this of both Egge and Vandvik, and we congratulate them both on this very positive career development.