Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

A day backstage at BIO

We at the Department of Biology love what we do, and on April 26 we opened our doors toeverybody that was interested. The sun was shining, Brattstrøm came home with a bag full of exciting animals, and some kids even got to eat a sea urchin.

Signe Ellingsen skjærer og forklarer for en superinteressert Mikkel "Hulken" Førland, på besøk fra Haugesund
Pia Ve Dahlen

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The number of visitors were of course smaller due to by stuff like Bergen City Marathon and the boat exhibition on the other side of the pier, but in spite of all the other activities this day, about 100-200 curious souls found their way down to BIO.

The people who found their way down to Marineholmen this day could enjoy:

  • Lecture biologist Gunnar Mikalsen Kvifte - "Magnificent penises and boring vaginas" .
  • Lecture with master student Magnus Svendsen Nerheim - "Plastic - not so fantastic"
  • Guided tour of the research boat Hans Brattstrøm
  • Safari in the lab of Marine Biodiversity
  • Sneak - peek at what the aquaculture group is doing. Here you could get first grade contact with tunicates and scallops
  • Fish dissection; Always fun to get dirty!
  • Botany lab; our plant world consists of more than just dandelions and white , we also carnivorous plants, rainbow -colored tulips and hydrophobic seeds
  • EECRG: How can biologists contribute to the climate research?


Out on the pier, curious onlookers could get a sausage with Bergen City Marathon as entertainment, while the rest were in the lab participating in a quiz

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