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24 million to diarrhea vaccine

24 million to diarrhea vaccine

The Research Council of Norway has assigned Puntervoll and Uni Research Environment 24 million to develop a vaccine for child diarrhea in developing countries.

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Nåværende og tidligere medlemmer av gruppen som forsker på ETEC-vaksinen: Pål Puntervoll, Marie-Josée Haglund Halsør, Arne Taxt, Yuleima Diaz og Thomas Aloysius
Rein Aasland

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One of the most common causes of childhood diarrhea (and traveler's diarrhea) in developing countries is the E. coli bacteria ETEC. ETEC leads according to the World Health Organization (WHO), about 300,000 deaths annually, and researchers has been searcing for a vaccine against this type of diarrhea for years. 

Read more about the development of ETEC vaccine at Uni Research and Bergens Tidende, or the research group's own website.