Department of Biological Sciences (BIO)

BIO300 Artistic partners

Thinking and presenting outside the box? Challenge accepted.

The ability to present ones own research in a precice and efficient way is a skill

Each year, BIO300 challenges some of its groups to think outside the box when it comes to science presentations. By involving different types of artistic partners elements of song, dance, video, among others are used to convey the same message.

Current and former artistic partners include:


Contemporary dance ensamble Carte Blance

Carte Blanche is the Norwegian National Company of Contemporary Dance. The company produces a minimum of three new choreographic works a year and performs an average of four to six productions every year. Carte Blanche's repertoire includes work by some of the best and most celebrated Norwegian and international choreographers, strongly emphasizing commissioning work by a new generation of contemporary dance makers. Read more

Carte Blance joined forces with a BIO300 group in 2011, showing how contemporary dance can be used in science communication



Composer Oded-Ben Horin

Oded Ben-Horin is a vocalist, composer, lyricist, project leader and educator who works at the meeting points of science, the arts and creative education. He is an Associate Professor of Music at Stord Haugesund University College (HSH) and the Grieg Academy, Institute for Music, University of Bergen. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degrees in both Musicology and Business Administration from the Hebrew University, and a Masters Degree in Vocal Jazz Performance from the Luzern University of Applied Science and Art. Oded is the coordinator of the EU’s “Implementing Creative Strategies into Science Teaching (CREAT-IT)” project, a 2-year effort in 6  European countries during which creative meeting points between science, math and the arts will be explored in school and professional development settings, and which will feature the Write a Science Opera (WASO) teaching approach which was developed at HSH. Oded has also been the project leader for additional creative education initiatives within EU programmes. He has presented/co-published lectures/articles on the themes of creativity in education and the integration of arts in research communication in several international education, science and research conferences and journals. As a musician, Oded has been active in pop, acapella, and jazz, often collaborating with international science organizations (e.g. The Norwegian Institute for Marine Research) to inspire the creative process Oded is currently a PhD candidate within the project “Improvisation in Teacher Education (IMTE)” at Stord Haugesund University College. Read more



Actress Jeanette M. Kjær

Jeanette is a Bergen native with 4 years of London based education on her back - 3 years as an actress from ALRA-Academy of Live and Recorded arts, and one year doing a Performance Study from Arts Educational School of Drama. She has long experience as both an acress and a singer, from Bergen Opera Choir and Den Nationale Scene, among others, as well as currently engaging the role as an artistic consultant at Vestlandske Teatersenter. Read more 



Media consultant Tom Costigan

Tom was born and raised in the UK, grew up in France and currently lives in Bergen, Norway. He studied video film in Paris and has developed a taste for isoteric audio and visual art, which he knows is artsy-farty for "film and music nerd". He currently works as a pedagog instructing media to pre-college students, which he knows is academic for "high-school teacher". Tom also sings in a local rock band called "Le Flan de Sang", who some claim have a certain je ne sais quoi, which he know is French for "I do not know what".
Le Flan De Sang's Facebook page




Creative artist and motion designer Kim Holm

Kim is a Norwegian creative artist and motion designer working with both static and moving forms of design and artistic expression. He is deeply passionate about the art of creating memorable moments in time — moments projecting identities and telling stories. His main field of interest lies within art and design in moving forms, such as main titles, show openers or music videos. Read more



Hilde Falkanger

Hilde is a M.Sc. student at the Department of Information Science and Media studies at UiB. She has a background in movie- and TV-production with a specialization as a producer. Her experiences include being the film director on a documentary on the Bergen 24.04.14 explosion that has merited her national praise.

Hilde worked with a BIO300 group in 2013, creating a multimedia piece that would convey the message to kids as well as to fellow students and scientists.