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Norway is a volcanic nation. But how is it really in the deep sea?

BIO research on NRKs science program Schrødingers Katt for the next four weeks

Skjermdump Schrødingers Katt

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The Marine Biodiversity Research Group and Centre for Geobiology represents BIO in the four next Schrødingers Katt science programs on NRK1, starting this Thursday (January 15th) and for the following three thursdays. The program starts at 19:45. 

In tonights episode the new and poorly described volcanic landscape along the seafloor is documented, lead by the leader of Centre of Geobiology, Rolf Birger Pedersen.

Norways is actually a volcanic nation. In the Norwegian sea, at 3000 meters depth, there are hundreds of active vulcanoes lined up. These have regular eruptions. A new island may also be created, as one of the volcanoes are just 20 meters below the surface. But what happens when this volcano has an eruption?

Catch the program on NRK1 from 1945; or on Schrødingers katt's webpages: http://tv.nrk.no/serie/schrodingers-katt/DMPV73000215/15-01-2015
The episode will also be made available on NRKs webpages after it has been aired. (Note, you need to be on a Norwegian IP in order to access NRKs online medialibrary.)