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ZONA award 2015

ZONA award 2015

The winner of the ZONA award 2015 is Henriette Aksnes for her PhD thesis "N-terminal acetyltransferases NatC and NatF".

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Award in cellular and molecular biology

Candidates among the outstanding PhDs in the field of cellular and molecular biology and biochemistry in 2014 from the University's departments at Bergen High Technology Centre are considered for the award. The award is financed by Zym Holding AS and this year's committee consisted of Bernt Th. Walther (Zym Holding AS) and Nathalie Reuter (MBI).


The ZONA award

Zona is a scientific term for structures which enclose the earliest life stages in animals. This structure exists in different forms, but all provide vital protection during the most vulnerable phases of development of new individuals. At hatching the Zona is opened for the new individual to exit into an environ where for the first time it will be subjected fo competition and trials in order to prevail and succeed. The essential function of the Zona is to enhance chances for success of biorta that possess established, as well as novel traits. 

The scientific enterprise is dependent on similar environs in order to encourage and nourish learning as well as innovation. The ZONA award is intended to recongnise individuals who have contributed to new knowledge in cellular and molecular biology and biochemistry, as well as individuals who have provided and improved the research technology that is vital for the practise of science.