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Recreational catch and release - innocent fun or tragedy of the commons?

BIO PhD Keno Ferter explains

catch and release cod
Martin Wiech

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BIO PhD Keno Ferter is currently writing featured articles on recreational fishing in Bergen's largest newspaper, Bergens Tidende.

See the abstract of each article and a link to the BT online version below. BT articles are in Norwegian only.

If you think you are exempt from catch-and-release on your fishingtrip, you should read this. If you want to abide the regulations, you will sooner or later let your catch back out. BT innsikt (03.02.15)


Recreational fishermen (and fisherwomen) in Norway release over 1 million cod each year. May think that this release is good for the fish stock, but is it? BT innsikt (13.12.14)


Does recreational fishing threaten our fish stocks? To ensure the bliss of recreational fishing for future generations, it is important to understand how recreational and tourist fishing affects the fish stocks along the Norwegian coast. And that is easier said than done... BT innsikt (03.11.14)