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12 million NOK from The Norwegian Cancer Society to MBI

The Norwegian Cancer Society has granted 12 million NOK to cancer researchers Rein Aasland, Thomas Arnesen og Mathias Ziegler.

Arnesen, Ziegler og Aasland

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One third of the funding to Bergen went to MBI

Three happy scientists were given the big news on Tuesday morning. Together they ensured that MBI was granted 12 out of 35 million that went to cancer research in Bergen. See all funding from the Norwegian Cancer Society here


Three projects

Group leader and BFS-fellow Thomas Arnesen was granted the prestigious Senior Research Fellowship for four years, for the project Human enzymes overexpressed in cancers - novel targets for cancer therapy.

Thomas Arnesen got the news delivered at the door by the Norwegian Cancer Society's Secretary General, Anne Lise Ryel.

For his project, Metabolic hub molecules as key factors in cancer development and prevention, professor Mathias Ziegler recieves funding for both a post.doc and an engineer. 

Professor Rein Aasland recieves funding for a post.doc for the project The role of histone acetylation in enhancer function

All three were also granted a generous amount of running costs. 


A big day for the department

A big day for the department, isn't it professor Aasland?

- Yes, this will be very good for the departments possibility to contribute to Norwegian cancer research. We appriciate that the Cancer Society supports both basic and applied cancer research and, importantly, their long term vision for promotion of this kind of research.

So, are you going to celebrate?

- We have already had some cake, and I believe there will be something extra for dinner tonight.