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Two new FRIPRO grants to researchers at the Department of Molecular Biology

Portretter av Mathias Ziegler og Nathalie Reuter
Mathias Ziegler og Nathalie Reuter
Mathias Ziegler og Nathalie Reuter

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This year's FRIPRO grants were announced Thursday 3. December.  At the Department, we are happy to see that two "Forskerprosjekter" from the FRIMEDBIO programme were awarded to MBI researchers Mathias Ziegler and Nathalie Reuter who is also affiliated with the Computational Biology Unit (CBU), where she also has her workplace.  The projects are:

  • The NAD metabolome of human cells - understanding a fundamental metabolic and signalling network – (Ziegler)
  • How do soluble proteins bind to biological membranes? (Reuter)  

All in all, the projects will receive 16,9 million NOK.  Two post doc fellows and two PhD fellows will be affiliated with the projects.  In addition the project includes funds for running costs and hourly based salaries.  Both projects are affiliated with the ProtMetD research programme.

In addition, Nathalie Reuter also received support from FRINATEK for the ISQPB2016 conference which is to be held in June 2016.

We also congratulate the other 9 UiB researchers who received grants from FRIMEDBIO, of which as many of 4 were in the Young talent categroy.

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