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Career day for PhD-candidates

The career path after obtaining a PhD is an unpaved road, and there are many ways to go. Join the career day for inspiration and guidance.

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The Faculty of Medicine wants to provide you with perspectives and practical advice on how to prepare for your future career after obtaining your doctorate. Each fall, the Phd-coordinators at the Faculty of Medicine arrange a career day that adresses options and possibilities for young doctorate holders in the life sciences. This year, we will continue with the popular "My way" presentations of former PhD-candidates. We will also arrange several parallel hands-on workshops on career-building skills.

At this year's career day you will:

  • explore the professional values you acquired during your research training 
  • learn from the choices and experiences of former PhD-candidates of the Faculty of Medicine
  • build new skills and competencies for the world inside and outside academia

Register by 27 September: https://skjemaker.app.uib.no/view.php?id=5430158


9:00Introduction and Welcome, Roland Jonsson, Vice Dean for doctoral education at the Faculty of Medicine
9:15Selling your academic skills to non-academic employers, Katie Anders, Research division UiB
9:45The UiB Alumni network: Use networking to get your dream job, Gabriela Saez, UiB

The Norwegian Insitute of Public Health: a research-based administrative body under the the Ministry of Health, Marta Ebbing, Norwegian Institute of Public Health

10:15Coffee break

“My way” by former PhD-candidates
 Agnete Engelsen, postdoc
 Julia Schölermann, Business Developer at BerGenBio
 Hiwa Målen, social science lab DIGSSCORE
 Ann Cathrine Krogsveen, Head of Biobank Haukeland

11:45Lunch break

Workshops (held in parallel)

  • Sci-preneurship, Room D301, Haukeland Hospital
  • Bli en mediavinner, Conference room, BBB
  • Job application, Room D304, Haukeland Hospital


About the workshops

We offer three workshops that will be held in parallel and have a capacity of 20 participants each. First-come-first-serve principle, so sign up for your preferred workshop in the registration form soon.


Julia Schölermann, BerGenBio

Entrepreneurship is the execution on ideas - and as such an important muscle that we as scientists need to exercise: Bringing inventions in the form of new drugs or transformative services to people in need critically depends on our translation of ideas into viable projects that can be reliably scaled and delivered in order to be of use to patients and society at large. We will look at case studies of science based entrepreneurship, train our creative muscle and work out the next steps you can take - right now, or whenever you have an awesome idea that will change someone’s life.

Julia has a PhD degree from the Department of Biomedicine and also a Master of Business Administration, and works as Associate Director of Business Development and Partnering at BerGenBio, a clinical-stage oncology company.

“Bli en mediavinner”

Marion Solheim, Communications advisor at the Faculty of Medicine

Previously a journalist, Marion has been the communications advisor at the Faculty of Medicine for seven years. She is a teacher at the course in practical science communcation and will give you a quick guide into how to talk about your research to a public audience. This workshop will be held in Norwegian. 

"Job application”

Synnøve Fluge, Sammen career and counselling

The student union "sammen" offers career counselling for students. At this workshop you will learn how to write your CV and cover letter and gain insight into your competence and skills.