The Department of Biomedicine
Lunch seminar

Early Stage Researcher Seminar - Kunwar Jung K C

Back cover of April 2019 issue of Human Mutation

Kunwar is PhD-candidate in the biorecognition group under supervision of Aurora Martinez. He has recently published an article demonstrating the importance of the co-chaperone DNAJC12 with the enzyme phenlyalaninehydroxylase, and how ubiquitination is involved in this interaction. 

"Phenylalanine hydroxylase variants interact with the co‐chaperone DNAJC12"

Authors:Kunwar Jung‐KC, Nastassja Himmelreich, Karina S. Prestegård, Tie‐Jun Sten Shi, Tanja Scherer, Ming Ying, Ana Jorge‐Finnigan, Beat Thöny, Nenad Blau, Aurora Martinez

Human Mutation, 22 January 2019