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Your place in the sun

A workshop on careers options, strategies & tactics for life scientists

Plakat Your Place in the Sun
Margarethe Bittins. Background: John Towner on unsplash

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to allow participants and the speaker to attend a related event (see under), we have decided to start the workshop at 14.00.


For life scientists, learning opportunities in their university training period play a critical role in guiding their career ambition and trajectory. The reality is that while a fraction will continue in academia to become independent researchers and manage their own labs, others will choose to enter a profession that is somewhat distinct from their studied topic. One is poised to ask what evidence-based career development training is appropriate to facilitate their transition to successful candidates in the global job market, so they can assume their roles as emerging professional leaders.

Are you considering diverse career options in Life Sciences and Technology? Successful transition from a training environment into the global job market requires a well-defined career strategy, as well as tactics to integrate your technical and transferable skills to market your “brand.” In this session, we will survey the relationship between subject matter training at college as a qualification, to job title appreciation, and the decision to apply for the “right” job(s). We will discuss a framework of planning and “pitching” as how to explore your career options, and the steps required to launch your career trajectory, ways to combine learning potentials, interests, personal values and education.  This is an intentional process to define your career choices, formulating goals and adjusting your mindset to engage necessary tactics for a satisfying career in bioscience!


Erik Wong, PhD, is a neuroscientist by training and has worked for 8 major global pharmaceutical and biotech companies in 3 continents, contributing to research and development (R&D) in several therapeutic areas. He held positions ranging from research biochemist, directors of pharmacology and external sciences, to VP in global business development.