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Adrian Drazic receives Meltzer prize for young researchers

Adrian Drazic, post doctor at the Department of Biomedicine, is one of the recipients of this years award for outstanding young researchers by the Meltzer Foundation.

Adrian Drazic og Dag Rune Olsen ved Meltzermiddag 2019
Rektor Dag Rune Olsen congratulates prize winner Adrian Drazic at the Meltzer dinner 8 March 2019.
Thor Brødreskift

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The Meltzer Foundation annually awards prizes to younger researchers, dissemination prizes, and every five years they may award an honorary prize.

This year, the prize for younger researcher went to Adrian Drazic, a young research talent at the Department of Biomedicine. Drazic is a postdoctoral researcher in the Arnesen laboratory and has been involved in the discovery of an enzyme that modifies actin.

Read more about the award ceremony at Meltzer dinner in the newspaper På Høyden (Norwegian).