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Best teacher

Arvid Lundervold is best teacher

Arvid Lundervold from the Department of Biomedicine receives the award for best teacher at the Faculty of Medicine in 2018.

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Paul Erik Lillholm

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Arvid Lundervold teaches students from several programs at the Faculty of Medicine. 

He is responsible for the subject BMED360 In Vivo Imaging and Physiological Modelling for master students at the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences. 

He teaches third year medical students in MED3 in the subjects of motor system and the autonomous nervous system. He has also developed an elective subject ELMED219: Artificial intelligence and computational medicine. This subject which was held the first time this spring got attention for its future oriented contents. It is a cooperation between teachers at the University of Bergen and Western Norway University of Applied Sciences and is offered for students from both institutions. 

Students give Lundervold a very positive feedback on his teaching. He is described as a very committed and positive lecturer with a strong ability to communicate his material.  

In addition to the traditional lectures, Lundervold uses team based learning in several of his subjects, and with his clinical competence, practical courses in neuro physiology are made relevant and useful for the students.  

In both BMED360 and ELMED219 he uses e-learning tools extensively to introduce his students to the course material, and granting them access to big data used for in the teaching. use of group assignments give room for discussions, follow up and an interactive communication between teachers and students. 

 The Department wishes to congratulate Arvid Lundervold on the award.