The Department of Biomedicine
Researcher Grand Prix

Our candidate at the Researcher Grand Prix

Karina Prestegård will present her work from the Department of Biomedicine at this year's Researcher Grand Prix.

Karina Prestegård
Karina Prestegård works on finding a cure for the world's strictest diet, phenylketonuria.
Andrea Magugliani

"Imagine your favorite dish and what it is made of. Then remove meat, fish, dairy products, eggs, flour, rice and pasta."

The researcher Grand Prix is a dissemination competition where ten researchers have four minutes each to engage the audience and judges. In the preliminary round ten researchers will present their research in four minutes, and three advance to the final round. Here they get another four minutes to capture both the audience and the judges. Scientists have spent a long time preparing, but who manages to go to the top when it really matters? The two best researchers advance to the national finals in Trondheim on 26 September.

Karina Prestegård works at the pharmaceutical enterprise Pluvia and the Department of Biomedicine. She is one of the contestants at this year's Researcher Grand Prix.

The Researcher Grand Prix will be held in Bergen on 23 September in the University Hall at 19.00.