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BBB seminar: Antonino Cattaneo

An intrabody platform for conformational-selective and post-translational-specific interference in neurodegeneration

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Antonino Cattaneo
Scuola Normale Superior, Pisa, Italy

After pioneering the concept and the development of intracellular expression of antibodies domains (intrabodies) in mammalian cells, we developed a platform for the conformational-selective and post-translational-specific interference towards target proteins in neurons. I will describe the application of the platform to Alzheimer’s neurodegeneration, by the specific targeting of Abeta oligomers in the endoplasmic reticulum. This molecularly- and subcellularly-precise approach allows to target the early, cell-autonomous phase of neurodegeneration, in the subcellular compartment where the first damage by misfolded proteins is done. I will discuss current approaches and the potential of the intrabody platform for a new generation of therapies for neurodegenerative diseases and for physiological studies.

Chairperson: Clive Bramham, Department of Biomedicine